Relationships, Ouch or Awesome?

This is the post excerpt.

Do you ever feel like you are the overworked, overwhelmed, undervalued, exhausted, lonely, ash covered Cinderella? … always analyzing,… always thinking, how did I get here?… what am I doing?… how can I make things better?… ever wondering if you will get to stop and rest?

I was that Cinderella.

I was a fixer, constantly trying to fix everything, everyone, even me. I’d try to make things perfect, overcommit, keep the peace, not allow my kids to fight, try to talk sense into everyone, not get enough sleep and struggle not to be negative. Exhausted!? Every day! …but I’m enjoying my relationships more and generally enjoying life more, because I understand a few basic biblical concepts that didn’t make sense before.

For over 20 years I’ve been devouring as many marriage, parenting & relationship books, podcasts, videos, articles and now counseling classes, that I can possibly fit into my life. Although I’m sure that I know very little in comparison to the volumes of information out there, even if I read all of my life, here is what I do know…! I know that I love my husband, children, family & friends, although they might doubt it at times, and I desperately want to do the right things for the better of all. I know I have the right heart and motives.

I’m over 50, married for over 25 years, have 4 children, (two now in their 30s) and currently  homeschooling my youngest (9 & 13). I’ve made so many mistakes in my relationships that I am confident that I can help another person avoid some of their own mistakes.  All I needed was right direction. And I’ve found some!

Do you want info, but don’t have the time to read it all? Please follow along as I share what I am learning. There won’t be much original content here because there is already so much wonderful material out there. My intent is to show you snippets of the best of the Awesome that minimized the Ouch in my relationships and has actually allowed me to find some joy in the Ouch!

I will hit the topics of submission, codependency, passiveness and unconditional love (something we all desire, but rarely feel). I’ll create links to all the wonderful sites, blogs and podcasts that I use and I’ll try to condense lengthy references, books, counseling lessons, etc.

I’ll start big and go small…

Here is a big question. If water is the main ingredient to all of life, what is the main ingredient to the soul?

It's Unconditional Love and we can get that from God perfectly.

Author: 1rockystart

I’m over 50, married, have 4 children ages in 30s to elementary age, am Christian, love nature, creating things and learning about relationships.

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